About the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU)

At Seattle Children’s, our Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine team works to diagnose, treat and prevent problems with emotions and behavior. We see children and teens up to age 18, and sometimes longer, if they still need care from mental health experts who treat young people.

We offer thorough diagnostic evaluations and recommendations for treatment in the community or at Seattle Children’s, if appropriate. Our aim is to evaluate your child’s needs to see where it would be most helpful to get care.

In our clinics, we provide short-term individual and group treatment using methods that have been shown to help. If your child needs longer-term care, we connect you with people and resources in the community who can meet your child’s needs. We also work closely with community providers, and offer consultation when needed.

Children with complex mental health problems may need to stay in the hospital at times. When this happens, we have the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) with 25 beds. Our focus in the PBMU is to help your child during a mental health crisis and ensure their immediate safety. We work to resolve the crisis and to teach your child and family skills that can help after your child leaves the hospital. Most stays in the PBMU are seven to eight days. We will work closely with your child’s community providers to support the return home.

(directly from PBMU website)

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