Island Friends Guild
Island Friends Guild

  • Fundraisers, Events, and Updates!

    Annual Guild Luncheon

    Thank you to everyone who bought Coco Beza products on May 11th at the Annual Guild Luncheon!

    There are No Rules!

    Thank you to everyone who came and supported the guild at Dina Wampold and Susie Cohen's There are No Rules fashion event at C. Michele on April 16th!

    Our 2017-2018 Members!

    Claire Humphrey, Tara Manhas, Evan Humphrey, Catherine Fosburgh, Lydia Wampold, Kiran D'Souza, Ellie Bertram, Makenna Rojas, Talia Podrachik, Amanda Wion, Jaya Manhas, Maggie and Molly Rojas

    Stay Tuned! Info to come on our next event!

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